About us

Our Mission

At 3D Create Shop, we provide a creative and innovative 3D printing service.

Starting with just a few markets, we aim to gradually expand our categories, as well as add new ones, in order to provide our customers with endless creations that will meet each individual idea and that will cater to the unique innovator, builder, creative and collector.

No idea is too big or too small, and each creation will be personally tailored to suit every imagination!

How it all started

3D Create Shop originally started as a hobby in January 2016. It wasn’t heading anywhere as the main focus and passion was on 3D printing technology.

However, passion and fascination eventually led to innovation, and we eventually dove straight into the deep end, bringing new ideas to life.

Prototyping became a fun phase as perfection started to emerge from the shaded faults of unknown learning curves, closing in on distinct possibilities and adding onto specifications as we worked on various concepts and creations.

It is from these creations that we eventually formed our creative philosophy 3D Create Shop is all about what YOU want to achieve. Struggling to find parts or want to customise your car? We’ve got you covered. Want to create your very own superhero or merchandise for your game? Send us your model, we’ll help you flesh out some ideas!

Where we are, 3D printing becomes a passion after the first ACHIEVED print … and that’s also where YOUR dream becomes a reality.

And this is just the beginning. If you can picture and envision it, you can live it. Give us your support and be a part of the journey as we explore endless possibilities.

“Any challenge seems impossible at first, but once you break it apart and take a closer look at its defining details, the idea of possibility starts to become visible.”